Social Media

Crafting Social Strategies That Work

These days most brands know that they need to do social, but embarking on social campaigns without having a carefully thought out and flexible content strategy can cause issues. Great social relies on great content and the ability to channel a brand’s personality but done right, and with just a dash of luck, social media campaigns will allow you to get the links, shares and buzz to send you content viral

Conversation or Broadcast

The main thing that unites nearly all social platforms is that they have the potential to act as an intimate conversation between two people or a broadcast to a huge audience.

Every brand has its own unique opportunities and an existing audience, and we craft our social strategies around them.

Building and refining that audience, or followership, is one of the things we tend to concentrate on. Not all followers are created equally, and for the best chance of social success you need to cultivate relationships with genuine influencers, those people who command their own followers attention, curating and sharing posts that capture their interest.

We have the tools to explore the social graph help us identify these key relationships and build on them to expand your content’s reach and potential. On social media quality counts for much more than quantity.

We try to maximise the reach of your content by chopping it up into bitesize segments so that we can outreach it several times to your social audiences without any annoying repetition. Indeed, when we make content ourselves, this divisibility is a key consideration.

We also use paid social media channels to help your content reach new audiences and gain new followers and links.

Baking Social into Your Content

Tweeting and sharing your own content can only get you so far. For true virality you need your visitors from all channels to be sharing your content for you. That’s where careful responsive web design can make the crucial difference.

There are a number of ways you can encourage sharing, including the obvious one of just asking people, but crafting your user experience around social actions can lead to dramatic results.

Make your Content More Social

If your social media channels could do with pepping up, we can create and share the content that will grow and engage your audience. We have all the tools, experience and creativity to help you do great things. Tweet us @totheend or call 020 3036 0733 or fill in the form below to tell us how we can help you.