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Using Advertising to Boost Content Reach


While it is by no means essential that you conduct paid advertising campaigns around your content marketing, wise marketers should recognise the value and opportunities that paid media can offer in greatly expanding the reach and effectiveness of their content.

With the proliferation of channels including pay per click search, paid social, native advertising, display advertising and video formats, as well as traditional offline, outdoor and broadcast campaigns you are spoilt for choice. If you embrace the ethos of performance content marketing, and measure the effectiveness of your selected channels you may be surprised at just what a difference they can make.

Whether you use paid media to give an initial boost in outreach or as an ongoing campaign, we have skills and experience in a wide range of traditional and online paid media as well as great relationships with media owners and operators.

Put the Right Message in the Right Place


A quick test on native channels can find the best headlines for paid and organic search campaigns, press releases and emails.Just because you’re paying for a click doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be less profitable. In fact one of secret superpowers of performance content is the ability to use engaging content to buy search and native PPC traffic at a much lower cost than your main commercial traffic. As long as your content is good enough to engage your visitors, you have a great chance of signing them up to email updates, and adding them to your sales cycle, and in competitive industries it is very possible to acquire new leads and sales at much lower prices than through traditional pay per click methods. By catching the attention of leads with content that piques an interest or meets a need, you can reap the benefits of lower cost per click, higher click through rate and better quality scores. PPC also makes it easy to quickly test variations of landing page layout and headlines to help you find the right way to package your content outreach efforts.

Video PPV and Native

The newest forms of online advertising are perfectly suited to content promotion.

Formats like YouTube’s trueview preroll only cost you money if the viewer is genuinely engaged with your film and makes it past the thirty second mark. With a huge array of targeting options to choose from you can use remarketing to reach your own customers, or match an audience to your content, whether based on geography, demographics, interests or video search keywords.

Native formats, as pioneered by Taboola and Outbrain, but now offered by a wide range of networks, enable you to place your content alongside high quality content on busy news and viral sites across your target region. Although still lacking some of the more advanced targeting options, these campaigns generate traffic from socially engaged users and can be particularly good for testing your messaging at a low cost.

Native and video are great for reaching large but specific audiences and can supercharge your initial link building and social efforts by providing the early interactions that encourage people to share and even directly generating links.

Video PPC formats can offer great value if your content is engaging enough. 

Paid Social and Remarketing

Paid social boosts and native advertising can give your campaign a kick start  Most of the social networks now have some form of paid advertising product, including, of course, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and they all have their own unique features. The great news is that good content marketing is just about the only way to engage social users without annoying them, but to do this effectively, you really have to understand exactly which audience to target with your content and with which product. Facebook, for example, has a very wide selection of formats, as well as a huge range of targeting options and picking the right audience and ad type makes all the difference to success. You also have to carefully integrate your paid activity with your ongoing social media marketing. In the last couple of years programmatic marketing and remarketing has really gone mainstream, and this is another great channel for content marketers to exploit. Using your own lists and profiled lookalike audiences you can hit your customers and hot prospects as they browse the web, search Google, or use their social apps. At To The End, we have trained and qualified online advertising experts who have experience working in competitive and expensive fields and can bring this to bear to help your campaigns perform to their full potential.

Use PPC, Native or Display to Reach your Users

If you need help finding your way to profitable online advertising, or want to find out more about how paid content marketing can help you reach your target audience for a surprisingly low price, just call 020 3036 0733 or let us how we can help you below.


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