Email Marketing

The Power of One to One Marketing

There is no more powerful way to get your content in front of your customers than to deliver it straight into their inbox, or even their hands.

One to one customer marketing leverages the power of data to place a perfectly tailored message in front of each customer. Whether email marketing or direct mail, we have partnerships with great technology partners that can help you unlock the hidden value in your customer lists.

Email Marketing and Direct Mail

Email marketing is often overlooked when people talk about channels for distributing content, but this is very short sighted, because used correctly email offers an unbeatable opportunity to put individually tailored content in front of your customer.

Most companies these days maintain a database of customers and leads, and in many industries the amount of data collected means you have the opportunity to tailor your communications to their own unique interests and needs.

Even quite sparse data, combined with advanced database profiling tools, can be enough to give us deep insight into customers and segment them into groups based on interests, needs or commercial value.

But using email merely as a transactional or sales tool is only scratching the surface. Customers are bombarded with commercial communications on a daily basis, so the key to getting them to read your messages is to ensure that they want to.

And that’s where content marketing once again comes to the fore.

We know small changes make a big difference, so we test early and often Many businesses have a long sales cycle, and even those that don’t run the risk of annoying their customers to the point that they click ‘unsubscribe’. If you’ve created some great content, though, and your profiling tells you that it’s of interest to a group of your subscribers, you have a great tool for retention and brand building. Another great facet of email marketing is that it is naturally very easy to test variations on design, headlines and pictures on small sample groups so you know that when the final version is sent to the bulk of your list, it is going to perform to the best of its ability. And email, in being so measurable provides a slew of data that you can feed back into future campaigns to enhance deliverability, open rate and engagement.

When “You Have Mail” and you Want to Read it.

Modern email software and strict privacy laws make it so easy for consumers to unsubscribe that you simply can’t afford to alienate them.

Content-based email campaigns ensure that you can continue to talk to your customers outside of the normal buying cycle and that subscribers will actively look forward to seeing your email in your inbox.

Content-based email campaigns have helped our clients achieve great deliverability and excellent open rates, as well as measurable commercial impact.

Influx Content Email Campaign for Adrian Flux Insurance:

  • Delivery rate of 99.8% (90,241 of 90,461 sent)
  • 25.1% confirmed unique open rate
  • Adrian Flux Insurance customer renewal rates increased by 3.9

Combine your Data with Great Content

If you want to find out how to combine your data and content with our profiling and testing tools and analysis to help you reap remarkable rewards from your customer lists, give us a call today to talk it over.

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