Audience Engagement

Sharing Content with Care

Making great content is no good unless you have the means and strategy to share it to your target audience.

Selecting and reaching that audience requires careful thought about your overall objectives, but getting the right message in front of the right people can amplify your reach and deliver engaged customers.

Many brands already have great content at their fingertips, and just need help with sharing that content, whether it’s paid advertisinglinkbuilding for SEOemail marketing or social media reach, we can craft a content sharing strategy that will utilise the channels available to their fullest potential to help you achieve your business goals.

How do your Customers get to your Content?

The goal of performance content marketing is to marry great content with effective distribution and produce measurable returns that help businesses make more money in an accountable way.

Content distribution becomes more and more complex everyday with a proliferation of channels now available to marketers and content creators. Choosing the correct strategy is therefore essential to make the most of your content assets, in whatever form they take.

That’s where To The End can offer guidance and expertise gained in a wide variety of fields old and new. From native advertising to public relations, biddable media and PPC. Print and offline advertising through to email marketing and social media of all types, we have experts in them all.

But our sharing strategies don’t neglect the content itself. Good content is inherently shareable, and making a few tweaks to invite and empower your readers to share the content themselves will amplify the power of all the content sharing activity you subsequently undertake.

Sharing is an inherently complex activity, and just checking off a list of social media channels is unlikely to produce outstanding results.

Making Content More Shareable

In order to extract the best performance from your content marketing, the most essential thing is to test as many parameters as you can before you start sharing on a wider scale. Thankfully there are ways to do this that are both inexpensive and quick to deliver a result.

For example, using inexpensive native advertising channels can help you quickly establish the best headline and image variations to use in your search and social campaigns, and you can use a small-scale email test to find the most effective wording and formats before rolling out a newsletter to your whole list.

Using a range of techniques like this helps us to ensure that we help our customers cut through a crowded inbox or social stream and attract the interest of their recipients and see up to 20x more engagement than would otherwise be possible.

Share, Share and Share Again

When you are considering commissioning a new content piece, there are a few things that you ought to consider which will affect its later shareability.

Time sensitive content can work really well, and being first to capitalise on news or events is a great way to achieve widespread exposure quickly. This strategy relies on speed and being agile enough to react to events as they unfold, although some events can of course be predicted.

Producing ageless content which doesn’t have a sell by date is a great strategy that means you can revisit older content later for another bite of the cherry. Producing useful resources for your audience, for example, tools, reference materials or entertaining features, means you can embark on a long term strategy of content promotion, revising the content only when necessary.

But with a little careful thought, you can amplify the reach and potential of a piece of content, by ensuring that you can repackage and repurpose a single content project in a wide range of formats and sizes, you can give yourself the opportunity to promote different aspects of the same piece time and again.

In this way even a simple blog post can be packaged and repackaged for outreach on a multitude of channels and offer additional value to your visitors when they click on one of these shared links.

Content Outreach Strategy Advice

To The End loves to find new ways to share great content, and we would love to help you reach your audience in new and exciting ways. If you want to discuss a content outreach plan, we’d be delighted to have a chat. Call us on 020 3036 0733, email or enter some details below and we’ll discuss your content marketing opportunities.