Web Design & Build

After we Build it, we’ll Make Sure they Come

No serious business these days is without a website, but it turns out most businesses don’t have a serious website.

Kevin Costner was wrong, just building a site won’t make people come to it, and even if people do come to your website, if they don’t do something beneficial to your business while they are there, it’s hard to be sure that it was worth the effort.

Not all websites are created equally – of course it’s unlikely that a bloke working from his bedroom for a few hundred quid has access to the range of talents required to make a site perform to the best of its ability, but equally you could spend tens of thousands of pounds on a website that looks beautiful but just doesn’t ‘work’.

What will your Website do Tomorrow?

The landscape of the internet changes constantly. Although the fundamentals of good content remain the same, changing technical requirements and consumer habits mean that if you don’t stay on top of things even a great site can go out of date very quickly.

The dramatic rise in smartphone and tablet ownership which has seen over 50% of UK website visitors using mobile devices has been devastating for those websites that have not catered for smaller screens and touch input.

Not only are their websites harder to use successfully, but with search engines actively favouring mobile-optimised websites in their results pages, their traffic has taken a hit too.

Just as faster broadband, smaller screens and new types of interface have brought their own challenges, they have added new techniques and opportunities, and the businesses which have worked with the limitations and embraced these opportunities have done very well indeed.

But who would be brave enough to predict the future of the web? Will next year’s customers be using gesture-based interfaces to interact with your website, or speaking to it? Will you need to offer 4k video or a 3D VR interface? Will people browse your site on a watch, or smart paper? A smart wall or an Oculus Rift?

In all honesty, these days it’s impossible to know for sure what your customers will be doing in even a year or two’s time, which is why building a website as a one-off project and thinking the job is done is a deeply flawed idea.

At To The End we think a site launch is just the beginning of a journey that we want to stick with.

Is There Such a Thing as a Future-Proof Website?

Anyone who tells you that they can build you a future-proof website is probably lying to themselves as much as you.

But it is possible to build a future proof process, by building in ongoing review and incremental change right from the start. There will always be seismic shifts in the online landscape as services and products adapt to consumer’s expectations and demands, but an evolutionary process is likely to be more cost effective than the idea of building a whole new site every couple of years to cater for the changing realities of doing business in an online world.

That’s why To The End’s bespoke web design and build service is offered hand in hand with an ongoing retainer contract – because if you are serious about doing business on the web, it’s the only sensible way to work.

Catering for different devices, new social networks, emerging technical standards and changing SEO recommendations is just part of the service and helps to make sure that a site won’t start looking tired and old-fashioned within a few months.

Technology is a Means To The End

While we are quite agnostic about the technologies that underpin websites, we utilise a range of solutions according to a client’s use case and budget.

Our in-house team of developers love coming up with innovative solutions to a challenge and work with our team of digital experts to ensure that the site will work well for search engines and users.

Bespoke Web Development Projects

We were very happy to be able to support the growth of a success story like Priden Engineering and to see the results of this work reflected in their bottom line. In many cases ‘behind the scenes’ changes can yield great results without needing the investment and effort involved in commissioning a whole new site.

If you’d like to talk about the potential for transforming the profitability of your site, call us now on 020 3036 0733, email info@totheend.co.uk or tell us your story using the form below.