Content Creation

In the Beginning was the Word

A blank sheet of paper is the most exciting thing in the world. Its crisp white vista offers an infinity of potential futures. Futures in which it could win a Pulitzer prize or an Oscar.  A Turner Prize or the heart of a loved one. These tantalising possibilities offer a clue about why we create content, whether that content is written, drawn or filmed. We make things with the intent of achieving an outcome, which might be modest or grand. Our content creation services are a means to the end.

Content Creation Services

Flexibility and an open mind are key to running a successful content marketing campaign. Our talented team can help you create relevant and engaging content that adds value to your brand and your customers, driving traffic to your site and more importantly helping you meet your business objectives. We believe in taking the time to get to know our clients and offer a bespoke service. Simply put, marketing is impossible without content, the key ingredient in everything we do as marketers. Things like:

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Video Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing

They say that starting at the beginning is a very good place. We prefer to start with the end. Understanding what a successful outcome means to your business is key to producing content that can help you achieve it. So whether you are looking for brand recognition, search engine position, leads, sales or anything else, we’ll consider all the variables before we make a recommendation.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Herts Insurance Consultants

Reworking the website of a specialist insurance broker helped them get the most out of their site visitors. Rewriting the content alongside a fresh retro-modern design and layout aimed at converting visitors into leads has had a transformative effect.

  • Users are looking at 43% more pages on the site
  • Session duration has increased by 42
  • Bounce rate has decreased by 19
  • Repeat visits have increased by 32
  • Session length on mobile devices has increased by 63
  • Organic search visits from Google increased by 94
  • Use of the callback pages on the site increased by 123

How Content Marketing helps SEO

Aside from the purely technical aspects of SEO, content is the most crucial part of search engine optimisation. That’s because not only is your content what the search engines will use to determine the subject matter and relevance of your pages, but also what visitors to the page will read, share and link to. High quality content that people want to link to is the only safe way to attract valuable links to your site. Google’s famous Panda and Penguin penalties target low quality content and unnatural links, so there’s a clear incentive for site owners serious about search to invest in producing attractive and shareable content for their audience.

Our Methodology

From Journalism to Design, Online Marketing to Creative Writing  – our team’s diverse range of talents means we can create the broadest range of content for any purpose. From a single social media post to an entire website, we approach all our online content creation in the same way, looking for data that can help us target the right audience and predict how the piece will perform. We don’t consider our job done once a piece of content is launched, though, and we help it fulfil its maximum potential by analysing data from day one, feeding our learnings back into our ongoing outreach efforts and adjusting our strategy. 


Let’s Make Content Together!

Our talented team has extensive experience in journalism, marketing, advertising, PR, and sales. We know what makes customers tick and how to engage with them in a way that creates trust in your brand, ultimately building a strong relationship with them. We create and commission high-quality, shareable content that we track and analyse utilising a variety of tools, identifying successes and points for improvement and iterating and improving your content over time as we learn more about your audience and their peculiarities. Call us or email for a comprehensive discussion of how content marketing can work for you.

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