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Creating Effective Content for the Web

When it comes to creating web content that really works for your business, it can sometimes be hard to see the wood for the trees. The truth is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy and what goes viral in one situation may flatline in another.

The key to understanding what types of content and what tone of voice will work for your audience is gaining a deeper understanding of what your customers like, what they are looking for and what delights them. That’s why the first steps in any project should involve in-depth research, scientific analysis and a healthy dose of common sense.

Our first steps always involve going through your website analytics with a fine-tooth comb, looking at the types of pages and posts that your visitors particularly engage with. We look at your social media interactions to see what content performs well and examine your audience to determine who are key influencers and sharers and work out their topical interests.

We carry out thorough keyword research to determine what people are searching for and look for gaps where no existing content meets searchers’ needs. We find content niches appropriate to your business that can provide traffic from interested and engaged users. We look at your competitors to see what has worked for them, who has shared or linked to their content, and equally importantly work out what hasn’t been done.

And that’s when we start to think about what your content should be.

Creativity + Data = Effective Content

We face the future fortified only with the lessons we have learned from the past. Eleanor Roosevelt

The modern marketer has at their disposal a huge number of tools to help understand a consumer’s behaviour, motivations and actions, so it is surprising that many marketers still make decisions based on instinct or best practice.

Your website analytics, social analytics and many third party sources contain reams of data and insight into the past behaviour of your customers. From this data we can learn what kinds of content they enjoy and share, what types of content attract visitors, or deliver the best commercial outcomes, or the most shares. We can see the types of device used to access content, explore customer’s locations and profiles and understand their intent when they visit different kinds of content.

Armed with this information we can make or change content in a way that can transform your site’s commercial value. Too often we see new projects started or site rebuilds that don’t build on the value and insight that existing content offers. Most websites have some form of analytics package installed these days, but unless the data are being used to change and test content your site will never reach its true potential.

Find out how we helped Herts Insurance to leverage their existing site’s analytics data when we built their new site.  

Video, Print and Web Reinforce Brand and Increase Loyalty

Adrian Flux is a specialist car insurance broker, and Influx magazine started life as a hard copy customer magazine mailed to their customers and given away at car shows up and down the country. The idea behind influx is to offer petrolheads an eclectic mix cars, bikes and people and the stories behind them, told in an entertainingly idiosyncratic style.

By early 2014 To The End were tasked with coming up with a new strategy for the influx brand and its content. It was time to transform the publication into a true multimedia offering, covering print editions, online articles and videos.

The key was to create themed content every month, with each theme built around a cinematic video, enabling us to layer our link building and sharing efforts by giving us a diverse range of linkable, shareable content on a similar theme, targeted to specific niches, but with wide appeal.

To support this and tie the content back to the brand in multiple ways we also create a monthly piece of content for the Flux brand, related to the theme but with a different emphasis.

In addition to the regular social media activity, social interaction and submission of user generated content, in the form of car and bike photos, is encouraged through competitions.

But this doesn’t mean we have abandoned print. On the contrary, the existence of the print edition adds value and helps to encourage signups on the site, all of which goes towards building an opted in, highly engaged list of motoring enthusiasts.

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Great Content Ideas for Your Campaigns

At To The End we love finding new ways to make and share great content, and we relish a challenge. If you want to discuss a content project, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 020 3036 0733, email or enter some details below and we’ll discuss your content marketing opportunities.