Influx Magazine – How we got nearly 3 years worth of views in just 6 weeks

Influx is the evolution of the customer magazine by Adrian Flux, the Norfolk-based insurance broker that offers specialist car insurance for enthusiasts.

Starting life as a print magazine in circulation to Flux customers, Influx has become an industry-leading digital magazine drawing together stories and images from around the motoring world.

The Brief

The traffic source for the digital magazine is a mix of organic search, email, social, display, video and native advertising. With such a varied audience, engaging with the magazine across different platforms, we saw the opportunity for a multi-channel approach and decided to create and deliver a more unified experience for Influx readers whilst driving discovery and expanding its audience.

The Strategy

For this project we tested a 3-step strategy that allowed us to reach a highly engaged audience using a mix of targeting methods across Facebook, the Google Display Network, YouTube and Yahoo Gemini.

1. Reach & Data Capture

Goal: reach an interested and engaged audience across several platforms in order to drive traffic to the Influx website and capture user information for audience profiling purposes.

Target: individuals interested in motors, classic cars and vehicles – mostly middle-aged men who have grown up with the cars that feature in the film.

Audiences: A mix of affinity, topics and demographics targeting methods paired with relevant keywords.

2. Exposure

Goal: reach a wider audience whilst keeping engagement level high.

Target: users that share interests and behaviours with those who have previously engaged with the brand’s posts or website.

Audiences: lookalike and similar audiences.

3. Message Reinforcement & Action

Goal: re-engage with users already familiar with the brand to drive action and generate leads.

Target: users who have previously engaged with the brand’s website or posts.

Audiences: remarketing audiences.

The Results

“A watch time of 2 years and 322 days on YouTube”

YouTube Analytics shows the “Es­tim­ated total minutes of view­ing time of your con­tent from your audi­ence”. The video had 1,516,686 minutes which equates to 2 years and 322 days of viewing time.

Thanks to our TrueView campaigns, the Influx edition on YouTube received 378,302 paid views

62% is the average percentage of the video our target audience watched per view – that means an average view duration of 4 minutes!

“3,617 hyper-engaged users on the Yahoo Gemini Native Ad Network”

Native ads, when showed to the right audience, can provide a higher level of engagement and interaction compared to traditional display ads.

We picked Yahoo Gemini because of its advanced targeting features and our native campaigns helped 6,310 users discover our content. An incredible 54.45% of these visitors scrolled through more than ¾ of the page, indicating a high level of engagement with the content.

“549 newsletter signups”

Email represents a huge source of traffic for Influx so increasing newsletter subscriptions was one of our goals for this project.

We used lead generation ads on Facebook to invite engaged users to subscribe to the Influx newsletter.

The lead generation campaign got Influx 457 new subscribers and 412 page likes and its ads generated 17,118 interactions.

We also implemented exit-intent popups on the magazine’s website in order to convert page abandoners into newsletter subscribers. The popup form provided Influx with 93 subscribers at no extra cost.

“46,391 interactions on Facebook”

Post engagement indicates that the ads shown are relevant to the target audience. When people see an advert of interest, they are more likely to engage with it and take actions.

Our Facebook campaigns generated a total of 46,391 interactions, of which there were 15,744 clicks and 1,481 post reactions.

“615,462 impressions on the Google Display Network”

We used display ads to promote Influx content across a wide network of websites and apps and to reach users using the many targeting methods offered by Google.

By applying a mix of targeting techniques and working with similar and remarketing audiences we managed to put our content in front of thousands of users and re-engage with previous Influx visitors and video viewers.

Our display ads received 615,461 impressions and 9,703 clicks for a minimal cost.

The Remarketing Effect

Comparing levels of engagement across the whole project, the 3-step strategy was a great success. In terms of performance, we noticed an appreciable increase in interactions with the ads and engagement with the content.

On Facebook, users targeted in the final stage of our strategy were 3.7 times more likely to click on our adverts than those targeted at the initial stage. In marketing terms, the CTR went from being 2.01% to 7.48%.

The same happened on YouTube, where the view rate increased from an initial 28.59% to 54.67%. Put simply, 1 out of 2 users who have been exposed to our remarketing video ads decided not to click on the ‘Skip Ad’ button and have been engaged with the content for at least 30 seconds.

On the Google Display Network, users already familiar with the Influx brand and re-targeted were 4 times more likely to browse at least 3 pages of the website, compared to those initially targeted.

On-site engagement increased for users targeted on the Yahoo Gemini Native Ad Network too. Those exposed to our remarketing ads, in fact, were 1.7 times more likely to visit 3 or more pages on the Influx website.