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Harry manages to tick every single box on the checklist of a stereotypical millennial, so if you hadn’t already guessed, social media is his role at ToTheEnd. If he can build an audience for his questionable pop music, you bet he can build an audience for anything else.

His expertise lies in crafting fun and engaging campaigns and communicating with those elusive social media influencers you keep hearing about recently. Harry loves long walks, trips to the beach and chasing his- wait, no, that’s what his puppy Ernie loves. That’s right, he has a puppy. That’s all that he loves

Influencer Marketing – The Best Way to Target Millennials?

What is an Influencer and what is Influencer Marketing? It’s pretty straightforward really, someone who has influence. The most common mistake people make is thinking that everyone with a good follower count on a certain social media network is an influencer. You can usually spot one by looking at their engagement. What separates them from…