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Harry manages to tick every single box on the checklist of a stereotypical millennial, so if you hadn’t already guessed, social media is his role at ToTheEnd. If he can build an audience for his questionable pop music, you bet he can build an audience for anything else.

His expertise lies in crafting fun and engaging campaigns and communicating with those elusive social media influencers you keep hearing about recently. Harry loves long walks, trips to the beach and chasing his- wait, no, that’s what his puppy Ernie loves. That’s right, he has a puppy. That’s all that he loves

Instagram Stories Vs Snapchat Stories

Not too long ago Instagram stories were released upon the world. At first it seemed way too much like a complete rip-off of Snapchat stories. That’s probably because it is. Anyway, within days, a tonne of blog posts comparing Instagram stories with Snapchat stories appeared. Now, however, we’ve had a little while to get our head…

Instagram Analytics are Here!

Instagram have finally rolled out a tonne of new features that, in all honesty, should’ve existed right from the start. But oh well, at least they’re here now…     Introducing Instagram for business A little while back, Instagram took to their business blog to announce the release of business accounts on the photo sharing platform….

Pokemon GO: More than Just a Game

It has officially been a week since Pokemon GO was released upon the UK and dominated the internet, and when I say dominated, I truly mean it. Today is the first day in the 7 days it’s been since the release that I’ve not seen it trending on Twitter. It trended religiously for 6 entire…

The Facebook Algorithm: An Update

So, you think you know the Facebook algorithm do you? The reality of it is, does anyone actually know how the Facebook algorithm works, or do we just have a slight grasp on it thanks to blog posts and trial and error? Either way, we’re going to offer our 2 cents, and have a go at…