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Harry manages to tick every single box on the checklist of a stereotypical millennial, so if you hadn’t already guessed, social media is his role at ToTheEnd. If he can build an audience for his questionable pop music, you bet he can build an audience for anything else.

His expertise lies in crafting fun and engaging campaigns and communicating with those elusive social media influencers you keep hearing about recently. Harry loves long walks, trips to the beach and chasing his- wait, no, that’s what his puppy Ernie loves. That’s right, he has a puppy. That’s all that he loves

Call of Duty used Nostalgia to Win over Millenials, Here’s How

Call of Duty games are made for adults. At least, that’s what the ‘Mature 17+’ age rating says. However, a huge market for them has always and will always be under 18s. Those rule breaking youths are buying up the franchise’s many successful games almost as much as the adults, or rather, their parents are….

Facebook Watch is here

Watch out YouTube No, literally, Watch is out YouTube. Excuse the terrible joke, because for other video streaming platforms this could be no laughing matter if all goes to plan, which usually tends to be the case when you’re a digital behemoth like Facebook. Original video content has a new address and it looks it…

How to Make a Snapchat Last Forever!

You can make your Snapchat last forever… On the 9th of May, Snapchat released a new update with a bunch of new features. You can draw with emojis, there’s a brand new magic eraser, but more importantly we received the ability to create limitless snaps. Yes, you can make a snapchat last forever. Thank you,…

12 Travel Photographers you Need to Follow on Instagram

Are these the best travel photographers on Instagram? For want of a better term, we’re a creative agency, so you can safely assume we follow a bunch of creative people on Instagram. We’ve created a list of some of our favourite, perhaps lesser known (although that is likely to soon change for this talented lot), travel…