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Damien is an expert in identifying, reaching and engaging with online audiences and creating groundbreaking campaigns. After studying Motor Vehicle Engineering and Aerodynamics at university he went on to work within the specialist car industry for an insurer.

Starting at ToTheEnd with an eye on social media, Damien quickly added email and direct mail to his repertoire. Damien applies an analytical and scientific approach to creating campaigns, taking the guesswork out of great ideas and making sure no opportunity to learn is ever wasted.

Now also crafting content for clients with an eye on shareability and SEO, our Head of Audience Engagement encourages the To The End team to use their experience, creativity and logic to get the best response from the work they do.

He’s a fan of going fast – mainly motorsport, running & cycling – and is the founder of the annual charity event Lap of Anglia.

Facebook Fake News Detectors are Up and Running, but Need a Bit of Fine-Tuning.

It’s hard to spot a fake nowadays. Counterfeiting is almost as advanced as the ‘real’ manufacturing, and we see products from the Far East legitimately mimicking the real thing within days. If you check out a Lepin product you’ll find it’s so close to the very Lego product that its been inspired by (I won’t…

The Importance of Desirability

I once created a spreadsheet of statistics for a shortlist of cars I was considering. I was a frustrated sports car fan, having owned a few in my younger years, and after some years in a Swedish estate car and then a small economical plasticy friendly thing I wanted to regain that thrill of owning…

In Motoring, there’s Comfort in Numbers

We like to follow our heart. Fancy a one-off, bespoke, tailor-made piece of jewellery? No problem. How about a custom piece of bedroom furniture in that style you love, but built to fit into your strange alcove by a local carpenter? Yeah, that’s fine. How about sampling a brand new combination of flavours and textures…

Half-Life of Social Media Posts

Half-life. A term used by marketers, physicists, pharmacists as well as crowbar-wielding computer game characters – but what does it mean? Well, essentially, in every context it’s a length of time taken for something to halve in size. Having not played the game which tops Google’s results for ‘Half-Life’ I can’t comment on how the…