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Damien is an expert in identifying, reaching and engaging with online audiences and creating groundbreaking campaigns. After studying Motor Vehicle Engineering and Aerodynamics at university he went on to work within the specialist car industry for an insurer.

Starting at ToTheEnd with an eye on social media, Damien quickly added email and direct mail to his repertoire. Damien applies an analytical and scientific approach to creating campaigns, taking the guesswork out of great ideas and making sure no opportunity to learn is ever wasted.

Now also crafting content for clients with an eye on shareability and SEO, our Head of Audience Engagement encourages the To The End team to use their experience, creativity and logic to get the best response from the work they do.

He’s a fan of going fast – mainly motorsport, running & cycling – and is the founder of the annual charity event Lap of Anglia.

Portrait: You know the solution, now actually act upon it

Jaws. Gravity.  If I asked you how those two were connected, you’d be forgiven for looking at a link between two Hollywood blockbuster Oscar-winning films, but that’s because you’d have been duped by a quirk of grammar. If I rescue those two items from their responsibility of having to open a sentence, it turns out…

Converting your web visitors into customers

Our Head of Audience Engagement, Damien Cross, talks us through this critical but often misunderstood part of content marketing. “My blog reached two million eyes last year.” would often be an opening line from a keen and eager content writer. “So, a million people, then…” I’d reply with a wink. “Yeah,” they’d continue, “loads, isn’t…

A second helping

“The red car and the blue car had a race…” So went the song, in the days the advertisers could say ‘smart old blue he chose the Milky Way’, and then, when bringing back the campaign many years later, ‘good old blue’ – because by that time you could not suggest that eating a Milky…

Bye 2018

As we tumbled half-intoxicated over the threshold of a new year, and Auld Lang Syne’s lyrics were misremembered by millions, we left behind a remarkable year in marketing for To The End. In January 2018 we predicted a few trends which were realised over the year – like the rise of vegan marketing. In fact,…